Darkstar Throwback - Fall 2017

We’ve thrown it back to 1997 with original Darkstar graphics!

This final “Throwback” series includes Cameo Wilson, Manolo Robles, and Dave Bachinsky.

Made with IMPACT Light: the lightest, well rounded construction. POP STRONGER LONGER. 45 Day Guarantee Against Breakage. 


This double set has been sitting here in San Francisco for years, and besides a Diego Bucchieri Ollie back in 1999, nobody has rolled away from anything. Enter Ryan Decenzo... Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here: thrashermagazine.com


Darkstar x Harley-Davidson® Limited Edition Josh Kurpius photo capsule


Introducing the Darkstar x Harley-Davidson® Dyna Pro Series, with Cameo Wilson, Greg Lutzka, & PLG!


Official Darkstar x Harley-Davidson®  Limited Edition Josh Kurpius photo capsule and Dyna pro series available worldwide, exclusively at core skate shops and select online retailers.

Darkstar Throwback - Summer 2017

We’ve thrown it back to 1997 with original Darkstar graphics!

This Limited Edition “Throwback” series brings back veteran pros Chet Thomas and Paul Machnau, along with Ryan Decenzo and Dave Bachinsky.

Made with IMPACT Light: the lightest, well rounded construction. POP STRONGER LONGER. 45 Day Guarantee Against Breakage. 



Chet founds Darkstar in his parent’s Huntington Beach garage... and the rest is Summer 2017“Throwback” history!

What are some highlights from the Darkstar memory vault?
Our first team trip to Barcelona while filming for the Battalion video was amazing! Barcelona was still a new experience to the skate world at the time and we were all completely blown away by the spots, people, and ease of transportation – skating all day everyday without driving, jumping fences or getting kicked out of spots! Another stand out memory is KOTR – driving the team from North Carolina to California – all the madness required is something I will never forget... or fully recover from!!



Machnau joins the Darkstar team and moves to California, leading the way for a fresh crop of skaters...

What was the most challenging handrail you conquered?
I guess the one that comes to mind the most is my Big Brother cover on this 20 stair at a school in Vancouver. I always wanted to skate it but the ground was horrid and it has a 3 stair ten feet before it.  Rick Kosick was in town and needed a cover so I took him there with some wood to roll down the 3 set. I remember standing at the top and thinking “What the hell did I get myself into?” but a few tries later was rolling away.  I just turned Pro, I couldn’t take him there and not try it! ha!



Ryan Decenzo joins the Darkstar team, his first pro model comes in 2010... and he continues to kill every spot he touches...

What made you the most hyped to ride for Darkstar?
It was insane when I got on the team in 2006 because all the dudes I looked up to were pros for Darkstar at the time.  So I was stoked on that and the boards were just so damn good!



Known for his legendary Kick flip down El Toro 20, Darkstar is honored to have Dave Bachinsky aboard!  We’re inspired by Dave’s non-stop skate missions, DIY builds, and passion to “Go shred!”

What keeps you going everyday?!
Growing up in a small city we searched every street we could for spots. Turning 16 meant we could explore anywhere!! To this day I try to never drive down the same road twice. New roads, new spots. A good friend said it best - “skateboarders are like modern day pioneers.” You never know what gem your going to stumble into. 


MEKA Keep Pushing

Darkstar introduces the MEKA "Keep Pushing" collab for Spring 2017. MEKA, aka Desiront Thibaut, created the "Keep Pushing" campaign – drawing universally known brand icons on skateboards in his distinct bold line weight style.  @chezmeka // chezmeka.com


Dave Bachinsky 6th at Tampa Pro 2017!

Congratulations Dave! Killing it at Tampa Pro & on your way to Street League! 

Darkstar X Harley-Davidson® Spring 2017 Delivery 2



New Spring 2017 Official Darkstar x Harley-Davidson® Vintage Fade pro series available worldwide, exclusively at core skate shops and select online retailers.



Available now at Skatewarehouse.com, Socalskateshop.com, and other online retailers/local shops.

Darkstar x Harley-Davidson® Vintage Pro Series


New Spring 2017 Official Darkstar x Harley-Davidson® Vintage pro series available worldwide, exclusively at core skate shops and select online retailers.


New Spring 2017 Pro One-Off Decks

Cameo Wilson "Love" 8.125" / Greg Lutzka "Space Age" 8.0" / Dave Bachinsky "Wildfire" 7.75"

New Spring 2017 Power Deals

New Badge, Axis, and Timeworks Power Deal Boards for Spring 2017. Available only at core skate shops & select online retailers. 

Ke'chaud Johnson


Where are you from and where are you now?
I grew up in a military family so we did move around a lot when I was younger, but most of my life has been in Texas. My family's all in Dallas so that's my hometown, but I'm enjoying living in Long Beach, California.  

Who are your sponsors?
Krux trucks, Ricta wheels, Mob grip, Etnies shoes, and Rhythm skateshop.

What's your current set-up?
8.125" Impact Light Darkstar deck with full concave, 8" standard/high Krux trucks with a downlow allen key kingpin. They are all black currently but i like to normally go with mixed or bright colors. 52mm Ricta slix, Bones swiss bearings, Mob griptape, Etnies Jameson Mt and Diamond hardware. 

What was the most challenging trick in your intro part?
Definitely the gap to five-o second to last trick. I actually found that spot from Reemo's instagram. He posted one of his homies doing a 50-50 on the strait part popping out. Someone in the comments said where it was at and i kinda sat on the thought of gaping onto the down part. When we finally went there it was not what i expected! It was super narrow and that along with the strait part of the rail being higher then the down part I would try to ollie out past it and over shoot the rail, or ollie what i thought was perfect and hit the strait part and miss anyways. Finally i was able to nudge my tail past the top part and lock into the down tail.

Who's in your crew?
Pretty much all the people I would skate with in Dallas moved to Long Beach too. 

What's your local skateshop?
Rhythm skateshop has been holding me down for a minute now!

Favorite skate trip?
I’d have to say Prague Czech Republic for Mystic Cup. The contest was a never ending festival with skating and chill'n all day and then at dark multiple dj's came on throughout the festival grounds playing until the sun came up. 

Favorite skater/favorite video part?
I’ve been hyped on Jerry Hsu's stuff lately. Those B-sides are crazy!

My mom for traveling to watch me skate in almost every single contest I've done, my dad for taking me to a number of skateparks before I had a license, my two brothers, Rob Cahill, Ant from One Love, Chris Baird, Kareem Campbell, Wolfpat, Cambo Rob, Bill Weiss, Ryan Decenzo, Guy Hartley, Mikendo, Jonny from Crystal Antlers, Carolyn for being amazing, Mark Laue, Ron Whaley, Jameson, Ray for putting together a dope part for me, Shak Waz, Thomas Freshley, my grandma, uncle Kerry, Chet for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the brand.

Darkstar x Harley-Davidson® Tradition Pro Series


Darkstar Skateboards is proud to announce the official Harley-Davidson® Tradition pro series. This new Holiday 2016 Darkstar x Harley-Davidson collaboration is available worldwide, exclusively at core skate shops and select online retailers.


Luke Pelletier Darkstar Guest Artist Series

Luke Pelletier (pronounced pell-uh-tear) grew up in western North Carolina and currently lives in Los Angeles. His vibrant energetic paintings are influenced from living in a tourist town much of his life – with seasonal economies and dividing lines between tourists and locals. Personal anecdotes, dark humor, romance, labor, free will, and fun fill his American paradise.

Full Color Stain Team Decks | Helm & Salvation